Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Books b0oks bo0kS-of FFFFFFFFictions

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i soooooo hate it when i cant buy the novels and other books...

i was holding my reader's digest but my mind was somewhere else...

when i browsed , i saw meg cabot's JINX...argh!!!!how i wanted it!!

but the price was simply my-mum-will-ever-not-let-me-buy-it-so-i-have-to-save-up!!!!

(well,to me,the books worth it =p forever)

anyway,it's about those witchy thingy and love...wakakak....indulge indulge...


her 9th princess diaries is coming up THIS DECEMBER!!!! awwww!!!

needless to say...i have to save up i guess...really UPPPP!!!

mia has hit a new all-time low: Her best friend isn't speaking to her. Her grandmother's counting on her to get her into the world's most exclusive women's society. Someone is posting horrible things about her on www.ihatemiathermopolis.com. And, oh yeah: Her longtime boyfriend has just dumped her.

But despite what the New York press seems to believe, this princess has more on her mind than recruiting a new Prince Charming, including finally snagging some self-actualization for herself, and--thanks to Grandmere--solving a four-hundred-year-old royal mystery that's about to set Mia on a one-woman mission that could bring BIG changes to the little principality of Genovia.

But is Mia really ready to get rid of her tiara…especially if it means destroying a dynasty? Read the ninth--and next to last--installment of the Princess Diaries series to find out for yourself!

-about of the ninth book



and shophie kinsella's new book is coming up next year too...awwww...how can i survive like that.....


must think of a way....

actually,there's alot of other books and general fictions im on...urgh....but talk about time and money....

and the novel hut has moved!!!

THAT'S THE EVER WORST THING!!!!do you know that????GRRRR!!!

and some other sci-fi and magical fictions...

i browsed but i dont really remember them,so sorry ...wakaka...

i only remember these...my forever love...hahahah...

final-i want it!!!

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