Saturday, 22 September 2007

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ok,just how much more do i have to see of the ugly truth??huh??!! urgh!!!what's wrong with this world...

*hu...calm down...calm down...*

this morning, i caught a copy of the YELLOW POST and read it while waiting for vic. and sooner or later,it caught my eyes-------an article about the true value of Ramadhan sourced from Md Asham.

I was soooooooooooooo glad that some muslim like him can stand up and speak out! He's really level headed.

first, it taught and cleared me of some terms related to the Ramadhan.

then, it talked about all those misconception and alot of other things that EVEN muslims themselves were blurred taught true value of Ramadhan,of being moderate and
(so much more...and im waiting for the writer's permission to repost!)

i mean,i've always believe in human beings are foolish and stubborn enough to have mistakes in interpreting the great works and wisdom from the highers, you see...and now,not even those wisdom that supposely passed down with the purpose of teaching us could be misunderstood....

right then,the next thing,i read in another blog about legals' latest protest on judiciary.
and that switch me ON my CT mode... !!!@#$%^(woops...sorry...) and that's why i said about ugly not in the mood of retyping! so see this-

sigh sigh....

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KahJoon said...

i have more on judiciary on my blog..go check it out.