Thursday, 20 September 2007

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well,i realised that i've not blog on cooking!!!---->(but no pics...coz i didnt save it the last time i submitted it out..heheh..

BBQ/Oven toaster/pan-fry series

hey,its semester end(or beginning for some). so,you want to have party or gatherings. then, some says BBQ is the best next to pot luck and eating out(considering the money and the yet-gourmet-chef cooking skills). So, here's some suggestions, which is not the NORMAL fried rice vermicelli or hotdogs you get in NORMAL malaysian parties.(no, its alright, you burnt it ,then so be it.I told you.)

Pita Bread-My pocket meal(5 pax)(pick a method that is convinience to you-BBQ,toast,pan-fry)


the Pita Bread, preferabily the white ones(the round flat bread available at stores,normally in pack of 5,cut it into halves and you get two pockets each)
1 tomato,sliced
lettuce, well cleaned, left leaves
butter(for toasting and layering)
sauces you like(like...thai chili sauce?)
slices of prepared meat(or you marinate and fry it yourself,buy from jusco market, preferably breast meat of chicken)(oh,you can buy the ready-made,roasted ones^^)


BBQ grill,oven-toaster,pan,knife

1. Lay one bread flat infront of you. Cut the bread(circle) into halves (as in half-moon,or parabola)so that it'll make two pockets.
2. Lightly, trail some patterns on the outer layer of the bread with knife(criss-cross, lines, or a love ?whoops..)
3. Layer the inner and outer layer of the pockets with butter, BBQ, or toast, or pan-fry it until it is a little crisp and brownish on edges.
4. Pick the pockets up and let it cool a little before layer it with lettuce.
5. Stuff meats and tomato.
6. Finally, put some of your favourite sauce(not too much!) and eat it!^^

p/s: this is a great recipe for 'cooking out',you can pack it in packets or tupperware and enjoy it during party or picnic too!

alternatively,stir fry beaten egg,hotdog slices and the garlic chilli sauce as the filling, or any flavour of tuna of your choice!

Garlic Bread(A touch of Italian)

Ingredients:(5-6 pax)

A pack of 'hotdog buns'(usually in a pack of 5 or 6), made into thick slices(about 1/2 an inch or 1 inch)

other ingredients:

very finely chopped garlic(or mash it if you like but there would not be much aroma then)
butter(or margarine,if you prefer non-animal fat)
and Italian herbs(optional)


a frying pan or oven toaster, spatula(for spread and toast)


Now,the most important is to make the garlic butter. There's no specific regulations on it but generally, it would be good if the garlic and butter's propotion is 1:1. If you like it milder, tone down on the garlic ,then.After that,add a pinch of salt and herbs as you like.

I don't have to tell you to spread it on the bread and toast or pan-fry it, do I?

(Warning! Remember the strong smell of garlic and that bit of tingling sensation if you put TOO much. It'll get burn easily too.)


continuation of the party series

Black pepper fruit salad

No,no and no you did not hear me wrong. It's black pepper. Yes. You won't regret trying it!And it's sooooo easy!!! its like 100% welcomed in almost every party when i made it!


Blackpepper to taste(those finely chopped ones, available in bottled packaging in stores)
Enough Fruit dressing to be mixed well with other ingredients(it's written on it as that, white and sour just like mayonaisse. It's alright if you want to use mayonaisse but taste may be different)
1 GREEN apple( well cleaned and diced)
a bunch of GREEN grapes(preferabli seedless, well cleaned and halves)

A couple of large bowls, spatula


Mix all of it and let it chill in the fridge before you send it into your mouth. Be patient.;)


cheesy 'roti bombay'-crispier!

well,roti bombay was a 'dish' of bread-dip-in-beaten-egg-and-then-fried. it was quite common actually.

Ingredients:(1-3 pax)

two pieces of bread cut into small pieces
two eggs
one teaspoon of butter
a pinch of salt
a slice of cheese, tore into pieces

oil for frying

frying pan and spatula

1.First, mix all the ingredients except the breads and oil.Beat.

2.then,dip the bread pieces into the mixture so that it is coated evenly.

3. heat the frying pan layered with oil with medium heat.

4. fry the breads until it is golden brown and crisp! yummy!^^

note: if the cheese does not stick to the bread,you may stick it on the bread befor eletting it down to the frying pan.


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