Tuesday, 18 September 2007


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what is it?

Awareness Campaign of Travel Safety-a tiny-mini awareness campaign i want to start by myself as a considerably frequent users of Klang Valley's public transports, and a concerned citizen to Klang Valley's most threatening and hazardous thing- fierce crowd(whether cars,trains,all crowds,never change)

why is it so?

that explains why.after several observations and experiences as a victim-to-be in most of it,a conclusion that the risk and probability of an occurance of stampede,or simply getting hurt,is very high especially in concerts,public transports such as buses and trains(where you're so close you get to feel the 'warmth' of th epersons around you.best of all,you can get body trimming sessions through that,since you're being squeeze aka having therma-wrap thingy in salon)

how does it work?

through the no.1 online buddies network in asia(some say malaysia only)Friendster, Hotmail,campus buddies,blogs and peak hours distribution of the information patch in the affected areas(erm...this particular one is not sure yet...im a planner and a spontaneur, ya know,considering all the acts and things) to create and raise the awareness by using striking methods.(erm...maybe by contacting the authority to see whether a more systematic and safe way can be introduced.eg. Putra LRT's line-up-and-make-way-for-those-coming-out-or-you'll-get-beeped-at method,totally civilised!-i mean the way,not people.by that way you get to go in accordingly and people can get out fast too.) i dont want to be caught,so let's do it in a civilised way. peace bro!

below is a quote from Auntie R:
aiyo..i tell you ah,i got push out of the train one time ah aiyo...i in front one you know...i cannot get in already loh...i have to wait dont know how many time ah...but hor,i slim already..see?aiya..but still very dangerous la...i want to see my son also cannot so much...

quote from Miss M:
well,concerning the matter...erm...ahem...this is really a demonstration of 'the 1st world facility and 3rd world mentality,i'll say...they just cant follow the rules*snort* and advice!what are the effects of the announcement and reminders from the PA system?none!everyone wants to go home soon too but what's wrong with being patient,for the sake of your own and others' safety?that way,it'll be more efficient! can't you guys just ----------------------(woops,censored by the editor)

so friends,if you're concerned,or had the same experience(so-in-the-same-boat) and want to help voicing out, please repost this in your site.

million thanks.(and feel free to comment!)

-spread the awareness-

oh,and to the PUSHERS, one day you'll be PUSHED!!


KahJoon said...

wishful thinkin there..all you need to do to elak all these is careful time planning..travel during offpeak hours..less ppl d..malaysia mentality hard to change 1 lah..the tiniest glimer of hope faded away when i see there's no effort by our Govt to upgrade the transportation facilities.

ViViEnNe said...

=") thnx 4 ur comment tho...bt like carmen said,small acts!*finger crossed*