Thursday, 5 January 2012

being vain

this flu thingy is making me really lazy and refuse to do my work.

so here i am blogging about nonsense.

*sneeze* excuse me.




i did it again.

i did vain shots again.

(i know. but what to do?) *shrug*  #not_even_an_excuse


i kinda see that dress/shirt twisting is major recently.

like Chriselle Lim’s ideas.


so i played with it a little too and this is not my first attempt.

since the CNY is coming soon, i got this red dress.





first look.



second combi which uses high waisted skirt-short. or you can also try high waisted pencil skirt for a slimmer look.

i actually topped my regular skirt with a thick belt for this kinda look for work, to create a fake high waisted look. just make sure the skirt and belt is of the same colour.




third combi where i add a jacket or blazer for a more formal look.


so again we saved money! (oh, as if.)



enjoy playing with the tricks! *sneeze2*


阿博 said...

take care oh~
really like u wear long skirt, it show how beautiful are u...

ViViEnNe said...