Wednesday, 17 August 2011

My Thumb Hates Me

yea so apparently it hates me coz it’s giving me so much ‘shocking’ kinda pain when i accidentally irritated the wound..

the wound is quite weird as it tears along with the lines on my thumb..=_____=”

TEARS ok! damn painful!

so now im bearing the tiredness and pain while i type this..coz as i said earlier, my days are now so FULL..i only feel tired when i sit back and relax.. so it’s #bloggercommitment =__=” nah …..


anyway, was at Stephy’s birthday dinner the other day..

16082011135 stephybday2


(the last picture on the right is SO NOT me..dont you think so?=x)


then today, a series of activities again..

and i’m without makeup…..


there you have it..the tired face..result from my packed life now. (again, not complaining..XD)



oh shxt, it’s 2245..had an appointment with bed so i can kill all the tasks tomorrow..

yea bed, i’m coming..

just hope the thumb-pain wont wake me up..or…..i will…..DIE..=_=”

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