Sunday, 19 June 2011


yes it’s about some #firstworldproblems so i think i’ll be condemned by Him. *gulps*



yes or no? #firstworldproblems


clothes are all from Ti:zed Factory (except the white top on the right, which i’ve posted before)

mum said i should update my wardrobe already (yes,my mum=_= let’s say we have different preference but she is indeed ‘updated’ on that)

so i bought it when i went to Jusco running for all the other errands.

i don’t actually buy clothes from Jusco departmental stores coz most of the times it’s a lil pricey and the designs are not what i wanted. i prefer Ipoh Parade but that also requires careful selection (i.e. not too ‘shocking’) considering my profession.

but Ti:zed is another place to go for more affordable and trendier clothes, and it is better if you have some designs/cuts in your mind already,especially some of  the current trends.(but dont think it covers all)

and i had to resist from buying other casual pieces =_= #broke. but never mind, i can always make them multipurpose,no?


oh yes, notice the bag? i finally bought a new one. a cheap one. still waiting to buy a good,branded one.

*sigh* i’ve always have problem with bags. i dont know why. unless im carrying a clutch going for a night event/function, a small bag can never be enough for me,it seems.

i stuff my necessities, emergency medicines, emergency image rescue tools, emergency tools for tricky situations and who knows what ..ALL in one bag. #kiasi  (scared of death) =_____=”

but i swear i’ve improved alot (praise my virgoan organisation skills =_=) all things in mini version and i always find ways to organise them.

and i hate changing bags for different purposes coz i scared misplacing or losing things, so i bought a ‘multipurpose’ one. =__= #kiasi2

i actually spent some time (a very long time i think) to move all the stuff to my new bag, and i sacrificed my gastric medicine (well,since i dont get much attacks these days, i figured) and the surgical face mask (yes that was the kind of things you can find in my bag! doubt not!)


i hope this one can last until i buy a good,branded bag. *wonder*

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