Monday, 22 November 2010

Target Shopping

well..what did i say about target shopping? (try to) not be a woman and shop. just pick what were in your list and pay then go.

and thanks ALOT to my brother,i managed to do that. no,no that he nagged me but we just sort of head out as soon as i’ve got my stuff. (we also went into TWO 100Yen shop today)

so these are what i’ve got:



Japanese instant noodles,Onigiri pack(cant wait to try!!)

seaweed+some hooks are not for me tho.


necessity!! shampoo,lotion,sunblock and masks. love the sunblock as it has sunblock+moisturiser+whitening effect together. starting to love Za!


ahhhh! my Fav!! CLEO,RD,(tho they are of Nov issues =__=) and and!! Sophie Kinsella’s Mini Shopaholic (!!) , my new copy of HP7 AND THE TALES OF BEEDLE THE BARD (!!!!!) argh how can an HP fan miss the Fairy Tales of the Magical World?! =D




BUT, two bummers =__=

bummer 1:car had to be sent to the mechanics..and what a hole to my pocket..but,better be safe than sorry,no?

bummer 2:as soon as i got home i had a bout of fatigue attack..OMG..if i’ve not eaten it could have been much much worse..this time,it hit me only once..and luckily i was home in time!! i had to hold myself up to go to the toilet then change then drop myself on the bed..i was like in coma for an hour..seriously=__= such a torture..when you’re about to drop any time soon but didnt and you feel your body’s ‘Qi’ being ripped apart..some of my friends have it too..i wonder how many of you have this..if you’re kind enough to share..


and the aftereffect kicks in now as my head is a lil heavy..panadol?no idea..

i dont care,


i have them!




and so, off to my fantasy land!



Darian Foo said...

Haha... someone must rily enjoy their heavy-duty shopping... :P

ViViEnNe said...