Thursday, 4 November 2010

My Boyfriend

[no,actually,it’s more like ‘My BoyfriendS’..LOL gotcha!!so tricked huh!!]


i’ve been in several Relationships..

well,some of them worked(for a moment or two),some didnt..

let’s start with the bad ones..

Hel(l), full name’s History of English Language, he was like, chasing after me so hard but,i dont wanna listen to his long lame jokes,man! i know we just wont work!gargh!

then there’s an English man, Iel, full name’s Intro to English Literature,well..he was pretty charming at first..really..we flirted and all..but in the end, argh, i found him SO BORING i decided to call it off.

oh wait, there was another one, his friend, who came after we broke? name’s Melit,yea, Malaysian English Literature. erm..somewhat no chemistry between us, but , yea we gave it a good end,tho. =p


then there’re ‘them’, whom i thought we wouldnt work but eventually i had a fun time with..

one is Sagoe, Structure and Grammar of English,he’s pretty NEAT! i kinda like him since im a virgo. but you know ther sayings two virgo(es) can never be together?yea that’s the curse. *le sigh*

his friend?Ems, English Morphology and Syntax, kinda cute too. but he’s too busy drawing the ‘trees’ and i just left. and i swear he still dont know that i left,yet. *le sigh2*

but i met a cute scientist , Psychol, yea i know, he’s not a psycho ok, it’s his name, Psycholinguistics. Fun guy, you know, learnt alot about sciences. But i still decided to call it off as i had to make so much effort to understand his jargon (i.e. prof/occupational languages).


ooooh and those HOT guys! gosh those nights we had!

one being Epp, English Phonetics and Phonology. oh i tell you! his SEXY voice! ummmm! always so seductive! but he found his future in BBC.CO.UK coz of his he went..sadness..

oh and a Paediatric doctor, we all called him LLT, Language Learning Theories. he’s so great with the babies! but one night we were talking about commitment, and i decided it’s not time yet.


and the one who’s embedded deep in my memory is LT, Language Teaching. we did have fun going around classes. we’ll be planning lessons together. but he was soon transferred to another school. *le sigh3*


and countless others who ‘flirted’ with me but i didnt bother. ;p


OK,let’s see how many would click on this LOL so kepoh on my gossips huh! =p

Disclaimer: these are just pure inside JOKES so if you took it too seriously i wouldnt hold any responsibilities.

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