Thursday, 23 September 2010

Mr Aaron Ong Yun Loong

this is a post honouring my partner in CRIMES in uni days..

and NO he is not and wasnt my bf  but we can go as crazy as we can get..(and i guess, to him, the ‘crimes’ we did were just mediocre..LOL)

so how crazy?as i can remember:

1. sneaked out of a boring lecture together XD (okay! CRIME!!)

2. laughed about the DiGi train until the people looked at us like we just ate some poisonous laughing fruits..

it’s like this. there was once Rapid KL has PUTRA LINE trains installed with their respective advertisers’ slogans as notification for stops.(also, their whole interior and exterior) so DiGi’s one were in a super high pitched tone (like nobody’s business) saying: I love Digi! and then we acted and laughed at this. i know. LAME! somehow i said: aiyo better not be DiGi train later lor..then we kept talking about it until…..we were inside the train and we heard: Next stop, Bangsar. xxxxx..I Love DiGi! then.. we laughed non-stop =0=”

[there were KFC and McD as well which even tells you which stop has McD nearby!]

3. chased after a bus all the way from campus junction to sec 14 and then realised it’s not the bus we wanted =0=” seriously siao!

4. TRAVELLED all around like the Rapid KL is opened by me. =p like, as long as we have time, mana mana pun boleh. but normally i rush home quite soon la haha.. [hah! now you know partially why i can tell you the public transport route when you ask me LOL!]

5. taught me how to hxxk people’s comp! (but trust me i forgot edi!!) CRIME!!


seriously, when i moved from ipoh to KL it was ok. taking rented room and stuff like that. then soon, i had to travel a distance to and from campus, much like a local. so usually, i will meet him or follow him to LRT station and take the route home. and at times we will even meet ah shing, sim sim, or allina.

seriously, if it was not them, my travel route would be less fun.

but for the last and longest part of the route, usually i will spend it by myself..either being all emo or sleeping in it..and when classes so unfortunately landed on the ever primed 9to5 hours, i will get to have to sleep longer before i reach home coz of the jam..

there is just this nostalgic tragic sympathetic   part when you travel with all these familiar 9to5, fret not, they are all in it with you.. =_= you can even know like, hey, why does he get down here today?i thought [fill in the blank] like that..

those days, the happiest part must have been the gatherings part when we dont have classes or have special occasions =”(

ok la emo enough its time to sleep. G’NIGHT!


p/s: go home to your loved ones!

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