Sunday, 26 September 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

where was i..?

oh! the plan! yes!

what?you dont believe it?well,believe it.


monthly fees of ONLY RM58!! not reasonable?? dont lie!-your monthly fees already almost as much! >:( a nice meal outside for a date already as much lor!

*click to enlarge*

one of the things that i heart most is No Extra Charges after monthly quota!!

means, you dont need to worry the Data OR THE BILL while MSN-ing(read:flirting)/browsing(read: stalking) =D

means NO BILL SHOCK lar!! =D

still not happy? see this: my other fav's THE~~FnF!!

as mentioned in my previous post, ALWAYS, i tell you, always, this saves me ALOT. especially to people like me who uses line alot..OR, if you have 'people' to 'keep in touch' with *wink*..(ya la,so why wait?)

oh not to forget the FREE (yea see the word F.R.E.E.) SMS (200), MMS(20), and Voice calls(200mins)(what?you sure you can finish it or not?)

SO, it means, after paying the deposit for iPhone4 and its plan, you can start enjoying all the benefits of NO BILL SHOCK (statement) and FnF!!

not good enough meh??~~

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