Friday, 23 July 2010

of Movie Marathon

宮崎 駿 の 映画~~

Hayao Miyazaki, if you dont know who he is, then google or wiki it ^^

so recently i’ve been a lil obsessed about his Ghibli Studio’s productions..

the movies are always filled with lots of hidden meanings and emotions that quietly run deep inside our hearts..

[okay you can skip the synopsis if you hate to read a long one, i just put it there =p]


1. 風の谷のナウシカ

nausica of the valley of the wind


basically this story is about Nausica (pronounced as Na-u-shi-ka) in 1000 years after human (read: WE) destroyed most parts of the world. the world was filled with all kinds of fungal and sporadic stuff/plants which puff out the inflammatory and poisonous gases, which could destroy the lungs in like, 20 seconds or so?


she’s actually the princess in the Valley of the Wind and her father was terminally ill because of those gases..initially, to save her father, she actually discovered that clean land and water can actually ‘de- functionalised’ the plants from puffing out those gases..but its too late, greedy people from other lands started to invade their valley in order to ‘clear the poisonous jungle’..


and this movie tells how she used her kindness and love for living things touched the hearts of the huge, angry  Kings of Bugs and saved the world from the major fire (proposed by the greedy people, said to burn all the poisonous flora and fauna and rebuild the world) ..\(^3^)/







and you would see all kinds of weird but beautiful plants and animals and scenery in this movie, a usual for most of Hayao Miyazaki’s movies..

so this is one, world-saving+heart-touching movie..

next come the love-saving+heart-touching movie..LOL!


2. 耳をすませば

whisper of the heart


another Hayao Miyazaki’s movie!

OMG this one touched my heart lor!

it was about a girl and a boy, connected by the weird ‘library-relationship’..

the boy, in order to attract the girl’s attention, read many books ,and usually faster than the girl in the speed of reading, until the girl finally felt weird why most of the books she rented had the name of this same patron.

so by fate or by serendipity and whatnots, she slowly found about this boy, in this small old shop operated by his grandpa, and also found out the love story of the pair of Gentleman and Lady (they are actually cats-real or not?no idea..)

the boy was to go overseas to advance his skills in violin-making, and the girl felt she needed to do something in order to feel matching with him =.=”

so yea, a love so pure yet so mature!!


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良い !! ^^ (nice!!^^)



p/s: one weird thing, i have no idea why am i starting to ber-bahasa malaysia @@” i was actually shocked when i ber-bahasa malaysia to my mum, when all the while i seldom do so unless i was required to,not that i say my BM is superb mum teaches BM and i teaches Eng..@@”

okay NINI,time to investigate this! (actually this post is kinda “dedicated” to you too, LOL! XD )

p/p/s: i wanna take back my Jap can?? T.T

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