Sunday, 6 June 2010

old times..

i was reading The Star when i came across this news where people asked for the art of Mak Yong dance to be revived.

and my interest led me to search in wikipedia:

Mak Yong


erm well, not that im against of anything. it just reminds me of my old times, when we were in the primary schools’ competition on Bahasa Malaysia.

we had 100 questions to be answered in just 1 hour.

and our regular training then also includes readings on the Malay cultures and traditions.

at that time i could actually tell you the different baju (s) we have. The Johor’s, Kedah’s and etc. and of course, all sorts of stuff (including different dances) to memorise.

my point is, some (and i mean some) students nowadays just dont care about the world they live in. they dont even know a thing what others do, when they wake up, go to school,and then go home,or to jaya jusco. all in a ‘confined’ environment. they dont know about masak merah or masak lemak. or that if you’re using hands to eat, the rice shouldnt be over to your palms and you should push with your thumb to your mouth. pity.

at least my parents brought me to Malay and Indians (and Sikh if i remember correctly) events (yes and that means food as well, thank you) and i can at least understand abit on their cultures and traditions. staying in a Kampung  and in the naval base also made me able to migle with others .

so thanks to my parents. they taught me the right thing.

[ok la im not boasting but these students are really a pity]


Anonymous said...

I think culture is an important thing to preserve. Glad to see it happening.

ViViEnNe said...