Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Damage, The Contribution..

to beloved Berjaya Times Square,

i love you so much for your variety of stuff,

and your prices on the stuff as well..

but why..T_T

now there’s a huge damage on my salary and it’s all for the contribution to you..





so, i went out with YY yesterday, planning to bring her out to familiarise her with the transportation..

well, it was the labour day so,WRONG choice to take KTM and all the rail-based.. =_=

anyway we still reach KL Central after much hassle with the rail-based..

ate at Rasamas (yumyum!! and very full too!! worth the price as always!!)

then settle her phone credit before we find out the Touch n Go is closed +_= cant buy new card for her tho she needs one..


anyway move on to Monorail wanna go to Berjaya Times Square (yup!)

she (not me, not me) was shocked at the queue..

so….. …..

well we decided to take the bus instead..even faster..

if we’ve waited there i think we would have dinner in BTimes Square before we even start to shop.

again, WRONG choice to take KTM and all the rail-based..

our aim is actually to refill our stock and have a walk to see what we can get..





i ended up to swipe up almost all the money in my Debit..(wont tell you how much!) but yes it left a huge damage on my salary and hence, the ‘prologue’..



what i got for myself,


 P010510_21.39 P010510_21.39_[01]

oh hey these are nice ok! Japanese snacks..





BARGAIN!!!!! that’s how it is in BTimes Square..woots!!

and erm, NO, these are not the only things i got for myself..


well, there’s tons of other stuff  which are NEEDED!! yea at least THAT i can assure of.  *ahem*


oh by the way i also got this gigantic superlicious Korean strawberries from a student’s parent. =D



ok nuf, gotta go. =p ta!

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