Saturday, 3 April 2010

to be really frank? control, control~~

its the ugly truth..

to be really frank?(okay..)

work is..well..a torture..but *yeu* advised me to stay on and encouraged me and supported me..thank *yeu*..

relationship is also ..well.. complicated.. =_=  is this called true love?

and, to be really frank? (uhuh..)

it hurts me alot..  i’ve fallen..

then, to be really frank? (yea..)

i even accepted all these junks altogether..they are hinting me to control myself, as what my faith has asked me to do, and not to do stupid things anymore..karma..karma, darling!

so, to be really frank? (right..)



p/s: thanks *yeu* for bringing me out for dinner and movie last night..i know *yeu* tried to cheer me up after all these junks..i know *yeu* are making ways to save this..i know..and im doing my part too..again, thanks *yeu*.


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