Monday, 12 April 2010



had a really nice trip with the gang ^^

departed to genting in the afternoon after much waiting,

then checked in a walked around while waiting for dinner time to come..

after much window shopping and dinner @ the food court,

we went for 4D movie screening @@

erm, well, 4D indeed..though a lil boring..


after supper in McD, its the girls’ time to go back and sleep due to the fear of panda eyes (read: eye bags >> @.@  )



the guys went into casino for some games and came back at 2am @@ 



the next morning, we slack until 10am before all get ready for brunch.

after the MarryBrown brunch we head to the theme park for the rides.

that was even more tiring than the day before @@

we had herbal eggs and cup noodles (which cost rm1.50 each for the eggs and rm4.00 for a cup noodle @@ )

i was down by the time we reach Wangsa Maju and couldnt finish the maggi goreng ==’’


but alas, home safe. ^^


enjoyed the trip very much!! ^^


(i hope work is not as hellish and i get more of these trips..@@)

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