Saturday, 20 March 2010

the hospital trip..

went for the check up again..

initially thought of marking the scripts but =_= how the hell would i have mood to mark while waiting for PAP SMEAR result you tell me?

so i waited and waited and waited..


as i went in, the doc asked: can i help you?

i was like: @@ er…well..

she said: did the period bother you?

me: no..

doc: then i think we dont need to do anything..

me: huh?oh…you mean all is ok?

doc: er..yea..

and she went on and told me im fine as the period is ok now (i made the appointment last time for its irregularity)

plus, the cyst and fibroid doesnt cause much problem so they are not going to remove it..

so IN CONCLUSION,  nothing to be done @@

then i said: OH! the PAP SMEAR result!

she said: yea the PAP smear result was ok..normal..






YIPEE!! ^^ (oh but anyway later in the night i thought, wouldnt it be better if the result is CANCEROUS AND I JUST DIE OF IT? once and for

the doc even asked whether i want to be discharged or make a 1 year appointment..i said better make 1 year appointment just to monitor the cyst and fibroid whatever.



i was starving by the time i took the next appointment i had ayamas meal.

when i got home, i found out that the ~!@#$%^&*() workers ate my maggi and used *his* slippers!! my food containers are all opened and rumbled!! > _ <


i smsed *him* and told him this.  its not like the maggi cost alot, but used people’s things without asking? ~!@#$%^&*()

damn..if you dare do that again i will sure inform the house owner..


p/s: ˈkɑː.mə ðeər wɪl bɪ fɚ jʊ jʊ weɪt jʊ bɪtʃ



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