Wednesday, 17 February 2010

two letters:

Dear Nuffnang,


=( i seriously miss the time when i am all free to blog and participate in your interesting contests!

now that i’ve just started working and still need time to adapt to the working conditions, i cant participate in many of the contests! (actually seldom online as well!)

argh! how i miss the time when i can write , pose and post as i like..

*big sigh* (ok i know its CNY, and this is like, the rare time i get to be in front of my lappy longer @@ )


Your now working fan,







Dear Students,

i know none of you will be able to see this because i did not disclose any of my information to you all. this, is part of my own privacy policy.

and yes, this is a rare time i get to sit down and think and write.

to my form2k,

im really sorry because im almost always busy with the admin jobs. but dont blame me, you know who to blame.

like many of the class teachers, i have four classes instead of three. plus, i m still a new teacher, havent even learn how to walk and i had to be up and running, in full force.

i have very little time to really teach and talk with you all, when every morning , i walk into the class and i got pissed with the conditions in the classroom.

those of you who are eager to learn dont even dare to come and disturb me with your problems in homework.

i feel so sorry to you all.

and i felt like i did not care for your absorption when i had to rush  to meet the quota as your class is pretty slow.

to my form1n,

im being very straight forward here. you guys must learn to look at yourselves from third-party angles. what are the reasons for you all to rebel?ask yourselves why. you all are not bad,unwanted, or just need to learn and find your values! you have to know that!

to my form1b and form4b,

you guys and girls are angels.

i enjoyed teaching you all. thank you all for being so coorperative =)


the pressure of admin jobs and rushing quota have not left me yet, being a not-so-new teacher without formal experiences.


p/s: i still love writing!

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