Friday, 13 November 2009

What a day.....(so cliche =_= )

this morning i woke up late at 9.30 @@ gargh.....luckily im not attenting to check up appointments =p just taking my dose of Transenamic acid.....

anyway, while i was FB-ing, dad suddenly talk about my bf 0_0
he said, you bf really bad one la you know..
i was like, huh?
then he continue saying that he didnt come to our house, didnt accompany me when i was coming back to ipoh etc etc..didnt show the eagerness or care to me and my family..
then he ask: you understand or not?
i said: oh. ya lah thats why i has been 'training' him and try to let him know..
dad then replied, its not about training or not but personality...etc etc

(so weird and so sudden =_= coz my family relationships was not so..informal, argh whatever)
then i changed the topic to LYP, and it appears to be his current fav =_='''''

actually, i know what he means. but i have faith on my own bf. plus its two-person thing, how should they know what kind of a person he is? plus he might just not educated or understand the particular social attitudes and etc, no? there's no perfect person and everyone deserves a second chance.

although, i should thank my parents for educating me on social attitudes. (not like some social dumbell i met)

eg. smile and insist on meeting people personally when its the proper timing, be responsible, especially to the elders, considerate of others, 'social gifts' and etc.

now why is that important? coz most of the times it just makes things prettier and easier for life! (not so if you do it with evil intentions) and life would be beautiful!

have faith, have faith! JW you too!

THEN, i proceed to grands' house and insisted to help her take the stuff inside and greet my grandpa. (must.)

THEN, reached hospital waiting for my turn for the medication.
damn..i can really sleep at that time! luckily i didnt or i'll miss my turn. but it was so fast , like, less than 30 min. =p

i was waiting for the bus to go home at the bus stop just opposite the hospital when i saw these two kids pushing each other at the pavement.
it was so dangerous the kids might just be pushed out and got knocked down by the moving cars!
i just told them in a cold tone: hey kids, please dont play like that. *stares*

they got stunned and scared of me, aka this weird stranger and moved to the other side which is abit safer. seriously, the school authority should consider monitoring team or keep them inside until authorised person took them home.

*sigh* kids..

i know i know, boring post. =p
coming up next: my new baby! v^^/

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