Friday, 20 November 2009

JW’s big day 2009


it was JW’s bday, so we were out.

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so after work, i walked over to 1U under the rain drops to have a look on what to eat 1st coz they were in a jam along the way.

still, all depends on the bday gal.

and finally after much ‘discussion’ and further torture to our legs and stomachs, we settled for TokyoG where i had a coupon while i was waiting for them in front of the BigTV.


someone so smart and threw it =_= herm.

anyway, we settled for that coz the selection and variety is obviously much better than other jap chains around and is in the same price summore.


the BEST was tsunami rolls of mine, such crunchy salmon skin!!> < sashimi inside summore!

he refused to exchange his tempura prawns and unagi with my sashimi and tsunami rolls, his lose! > <  herm! i fully enjoy it by myself ! Xp

oh, did i mention i was helping out temporarily in my uncle’s ‘oral facial surgery and orthodontics specialist clinic’?? @@ thats why i ‘walked’ to 1U, it was in TTDI.

it is of course easier for them to drive over than waiting for me to get back around 9pm right? =p

anyway,back to the food. i dont like the garlic fried rice..taste so weird =_=

and as we walk around 1U, JW and us bought these cute lil treats in jar----- >




so cute!! >  <

shall go and buy summore!! definitely!!

and i also brought back these vouchers and toothbrushES! who want? =p *free giveaway while stock last*P181109_23.56P181109_23.57P181109_23.57_[01]

its part of my salary for working in a dental surgery clinic =p P161109_11.26_[02]

so then, before we send the bday gal back to semenyih, we gave her the stuffs, hope she like it =)

and as we go home, the tiredness reached its peak..i worked the whole day plus travelling not less than 5 hours, but buddha knows what they have been up to =_= all so tired..

and coz of this celebration i only sleep at 1am, i purposely took the full bus route to work the next day so that i can sleep in the bus for 1 hour, and incidentally i reached early 0_0

now that im back in SL, i have so many misc things to do which i cant do while i was working (without my laptop and line). argh, peeling me off layer by layer these misc things =_=

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