Monday, 2 November 2009


i know… blog shouldnt be a place for my rants only but…..*sigh*…..

i just wanna know where i stand, and how do i look, in your heart….

its your ‘flirt-full’ personality that i never found out until then..or was i too naive and acted rational enough?

*big sigh*..they said, whatever it was owed, it will surely be paid sooner or later..well..*sigh* i will know my destiny?i dont have to accept it and keep pondering here, do i?

*big big sigh*

ok, aunt just called..(i guess its mum’s idea) ask me to go and help out in the shoe dept..=_= but i signed the contract and whatever part time jobs i do i had to asked beforehand..i seriously dont think they will accept this..i better find a tuition job for extra income =_= and they better give me a that i’m prepared..


gargh! nuff said. just save ya. >”< *fingers crossed*


anyway, it was actually fun today, when we went and fetch jiawen out for movie and all..just to cheer her up and make up, for not informing her earlier when KL came ..haha..

it was really fun..really..coz we have so much to talk..and so much to laugh..

but when i want to accompany him to send them home, i was rejected…*sigh* fine..just be careful..

i trust my super power protection..*nyeh nyeh..vibes all over* =.=’’


okok, i should stop before i talk nonsense over here.


p/s: are you my friend?

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