Friday, 16 October 2009

before i head to the training~

-no picture-  =_=


okay, so i checked…..and i was fine with my grades..really..didnt even expected it o_o

and then, it was two full days of roller coaster.

tell me,

would you be ‘fine’ before going into the hospital specialist dept to get a check up because your period just couldnt stop?and suspected cyst (tumour, i guess) within?

just tell me. 0_0


anyhow, i went there. i thought of taking bus but then i met IreneC ^^ and thanks alot! she fetched me there and i went in by myself.

after all the hassle , including getting a favour from my aunt who’s a nurse there, i went in for a check up.

alright, so the cyst gone. but now, FIBROID. =_=

that’s the culprit for uncontrolled bleeding.

*sigh* well, on medication again. (thought of getting the pills again =p )


so i met mum half way on the way home. she suggested sushi!! ^0^

woohoo…it was as if a celebration for my check up and completion of study, i ate all i want. =p

so yum yum!^^ and got myself a lil something - necessities .

went home and prepared to come back to KL for training.


told you was a roller coaster. the car broke down half way 0_0

ooh! luckily i kept my mouth shut or the big baby will nag again.

but then, because of this, i was almost late for my meeting with the principal. (just some reminder)

AND, it gave chances to his parents to erm..test me out or get my information 0_0

tell you, i’ve entertained them-ALONE. smile and chit chat and  all. well luckily they were friendly and all. phew. (and yea, of course  i bragged about my family and myself for some good impression, or did i? hahahahahhaha nah, just chat normally)

plus, in another way, i have to act that i dont know much about my very bf, so as to not brake the biggest secret out =_=


anyway, home at last (SL home) and now comfortably sitting in front of the laptop typing away(no, my eyes hurt coz i didnt wear my spect) with JW around. yea she came again, and having fun with her =)




p/s shopping ‘necessities’ on wednesday? =)

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