Thursday, 13 August 2009


im still waiting for him xp

my grandma came down again so i rushed to my aunt’s house, and ‘accidentally’ bumped into my cousin’s birthday =.=

the point is, i have nice food =D


see this greedy girl with both chinese sausage and cream puff in hand? =p

yummy cream puff =D


from : The Bakery Talk @ Puchong, shop lots opposite IOI Mall (My Aunt’s =D hahahhhaa…)



the adorable lil princess…..her name is also NiNi hehehehhee……

  Picture(40) Picture(39) 


and i found these:  literally Piglet Soft Cookies =D

Picture(45) Picture(46)Picture(47)

you know, it does look like those times when they drown the piglet and then skin them or cut them into parts O.o


right…..back to work.

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