Monday, 31 August 2009

31st Aug

This year’s Merdeka not only mark our tanah air’s 52nd birthday since Tunku Abdul Rahman and ancestors fought for our very own independence,

it also mark my end of the 3 years bachelor degree programme of BAhEL. (class wise but, not much difference hey =p )

-as posted in my previous post-

yes, i might have alot to complain to those two but, that’s that. that’s what makes me. and i have to appreciate what i have.



it’s our 5th anniversary of knowing each other (since we first met and , well, know each other. =D )

-and i posted how we met each other and bla bla bla-

thank you! you let me feel the pure love. and what love can do .




my birthday tomorrow. =D

erm, i really wanna thank my parents who brought me up so well so painstakingly. =p

ok fine. still, thanks.



anyway, i started this book, the secret. (translated, for him =_= )

actually its about the law of attraction. i’m just curious, is it so great a secret?

and how exactly Rhonda Byrne’s daughter found it??




okok, fine, i shall read , read and read.

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