Thursday, 2 July 2009

a lil break…..



finally bought a pair of new sport shoes/sneakers from Bata [trusted and cheap brand??] =D IMG_0001


my former ‘long-walk-mate’ has been tortured into halves =( hence this new pair..erm, the old one is currently outside the grill door


anyway, initially i wanted to bought a flatter looking ones like the previous pair so that its not that bulky, but sadly there’s no pinkier/colour-mix for the style that i want in Bata, hence this.

i also wanted to buy a converse or something canvas like that but, it just tell me that the sole is hard that it is only, and only stylish..hence this. between my feet and style?

My Feet. =D RM50 from my reward. yea its like a reward somehow.


and since my skin condition seems to be doing a dive into the deep pit of ugliness, i decided to do something about it, like, finally.


so i bought this RM20 Garnier skin naturals Aqua Defense Essense

its in the texture of gel and very cooling, i think after adding these ‘water’ and backing up with my darling bee’s  (not bumble bee =p ) Vichy Normaderm set, my skin should get better =D coz darling bee said without enough water (yea, not ‘moisture’ which is oily) skin dry up, cant breath well(no water medium), pores enlarge, (like, so muchhhhh! )also go oily!! eewww!! yea so, finally!

(you might say 50 and 20 cheap things? but hey, its economical and effective anyhow, save it before you loose it, i’m still trying to save as much as i can although it is a reward for myself)

talk about saving, i still have to tell you how much i love my egg white mask =D siao ah..

its the egg white spread on your whole face after cleansing, (note: only egg white) stick this thin layer of Watson’s facial puff on your nose (cut to suit your nose =D ), slather on again, let COMPLETELY DRY. the PEEL. you will love it no matter how. coz i love it from the very first time i use it.

also coz it peels out 99% (if not all) of the ugly things, big or small, thin or fat, black or white @@

again, taught by my Darling Bee =D

its like this:



IMG_0018 IMG_0019

i actually think my whole body is now under Garnier’s pamper =D see, face and body..



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