Friday, 31 July 2009


im posting this with a pair of sleepy eyes…..481580lys5o6fr6c

why cant i just slap myself awake and do what i was supposed to do =_=

so i’ve heard of UPM was closed for quarantine purposes 0.O yikes, i guess its getting way over that phase 6 of WHO or whatsoever..

anyway, went pak tor @ pasar malam the other day as we hunt for our dinner. i guess i still cant touch spicy food –_-  got some leftover i just cant bare to finish coz too spicy for me..

after that, got myself this lil round things as we went for our supper routine-cheese crackers from Julie’s. such a classic =D


and also our tong sui routine which he recently fond of =_= as well as my keropok..



met Ms Angie yesterday in SL and we were like staring each other for a few seconds before confirming that,’yea,she’s  an acquaintant’…..XD she was like: why were you here…..o ya, your bf..i was thinking, right person at the wrong scene.. @@ she didnt say much tho, waiting for elevator..

and last night was darling Evelyn’s surprise birthday party =D

gave her something that i made,hope she likes it =)

Picture(35)Picture(36)  Picture(34)

*my apple lemonade and his iced longan milk

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