Saturday, 25 July 2009


this morning, hubby thought of bringing me for a breakfast in 24hr mamak, (so sweet of him =p)  but i dragged til 5.40am so i have to rush to the bus stop. so he dropped me off there and with a XOXO i set off the journey to campus. N.O.T

there was this guy wandering along the pavement where passengers are waiting. by passengers i mean me and another ‘uncle’. initially i thought this guy was to wait for the 1st bus as well(not knowing the 1st bus has gone off earlier today) then this guy who was wandering  seems abit out of focus,and i came to the conclusion that he is..well..not himself.

initially i just kept a distance from him, not knowing whether he is harmful to others or not. then, the guy at mamak motioned me to get down to wait at the shop instead. i ran off toward it.


and i followed the driver who was also having his drink there to the bus . he knows la,so he said: ah moi, mari. then i follow him to bus obediently =_=


when i reach pasar seni, i think i saw a crime scene. i mean, murder or man slaughter crime scene =_=

three police car parked at pasaramakota (the parking building) and police lines have been marked around the usual knick-knaack shops. there was a black plastic bag covering something. which made me think..yea….murder =_= or street fight…


that’s not all, in the noon when i was to get back to SL i saw Imigresen catching peopl at the Pasar Seni LRT station building =_=

they’re not wearing uniform, and some only with vest. i guess its for something like undercover, catching the illegal immigrants unnoticed.

some of them were calm with their fate, some were furious or emotionaly aggressive or unstable, have to be cuffed and threw into the pick-up truck.




anyway, some cute things i found:

 Picture(3) Picture(4)

japanese doll rice-crackers..cute-nye…..



Clairol Herbal Essences “long term relationship” hair conditioner came with CLEO August..

fuiyo..such nice name hahahahhaha….and the instruction was also cheeky…=p


with this small small break (yea, V.E.R.Y. small indeed) i have, i started some readings. the long lost feeling…..=)




end note: I’m absolutely pissed at your arrogance, shameless, show-off, insensitivity/over-sensitivity/wholesome sensitivity disorder,and a whole freaking long range of illogical behaviours. i dont even know whether you belong here, or should i use my language as of teaching a kindergarten kid to communicate with you. FYI   i’m no MARSian and i dont speak MARS. in the end i might just throw you into my good old home of TR and grant you my permanent residence with the diagnosis of PLS. stop behaving like a kid. you never grow up do you?

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