Sunday, 7 June 2009

who can get enough of transformers?!

awwww…..another screening!  its TRANSFORMERS!!!!!-Revenge of the Fallen!!!!!

have to tell the reason why i cant get enough of transformers? (well, who can, anyway) it’s too cool!!

for a bimbo girl like me, who hardly ever touch on rough-y stuff, not to say physics, maths and politics @@ hey hey, no offense, just don’t like it.

ok, i was saying, for a girl like me, the reason i cant get enough of TRANSFORMERS is because of Megan Fox. (lie =p)


i still remember when i was young,(right, not too old, am i?), i will stick to the TV watching how one thing turn to another and kill the bad guys, and i can be amazed just by that =D (wow!) and yay! justice!

call me stupid, easy to satisfy whatever. their cartoons were my world!!

then, i watched the earlier movie version of TRANSFORMERS.

again, jaw dropped. =[] <-----that’s actually a dispositioned jaw. no?

i would love a car/machine/robot like that, yea just one, haha… need too much A.I. from the cube that energize and activate/powered the metals.

i can actually watch action packed movies, ok?

aannnnndd! i guess i fell in love with Optimus Prime =D (hey, did anyone say he was to die?justice never end/never die!)

so NuffNang must give me the tickets!! =D

gimme gimme!!!!!


but then i would want a faint pink lady botart001020 which can turn into a slim version of MPV, or something like this----->pan003763

=D sweet huh?

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