Friday, 26 June 2009


getting more excited siao with the $$…..($.$)kekekekekekkkk…..


actually went to Transformers with the gang last night, still getting ‘that thing’ done at the last minute.

the house has no electricity suddenly so we went over to kk house early, continue with my ‘My Dear Diary mask-Bulgarian White Rose’ =_=

so we changed and go for dinner first. ordered chee cheong fun for us with a dim sum.

then rushed to the cinema.

and i was thinking,since it is Transformers, yea, Transformers wei…..we should buy the special pop corn set!

so i dragged him to the counter and ordered the set plus a cheezels, i pay wad…..


then we went in and watch (met Ashley^^)

it was action packed and hilarious at the same time, plus the plot-well if you know about the story.

i thought guys would love it, mana tau ah toh said: ok ok lo, two team fight like this like that lo…..hahahahha….

and Kylie was able to finish the movie…..haha…..

then they went to yum cha while i finish ‘it’ up.

yea, c’mon, you can do it.

p/s: three incidents happened along the ride today, three disputes +_= why cant people just learn?

p/p/s: that thing is just meant to be despised, such worthless…..

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