Saturday, 20 June 2009

Happy day out^^

went for class early in the morning, was so silly nearly went into the wrong class =_=

after the long lecture of Online Journalism, went to settle the Professional Writing then went  out to Times Square =D

Picture(14)was to meet up with bee(muackss!) and the rest, but her phone is somehow off =_= called ashley, guess what, my darling bee bought new phone +_=



sigh…..whatever…..i’m still saving my money for my future                  reward for FYP, so as to make me going- SHOPPING I’LL BE BACK!

so, we found another part of the gang at McD, of course they were surprised-so konon-nye i only attend once a life time, for the AGM-Annual General Meeting =p



we proceed to getting gowns/dresses since BBQ Plaza don’t have place for us 10 ppl yet.


they made fun of my height, hmph!


and the real fun begins! =DDSC00018

we took the gowns in, each for both of us, then tried out the gowns.

bee took a silk , tube gown/dress, with full length skirt, sort of wedding shape but black

i took a strappy one, with flowy/drappy rayon material i guess, with..yea,free flow skirt.

ok, mine. at first i thought it was ok as it, well, fits. but the picture proofs to me that i look so lousy-loose-and-fat figure with that.


bee’s looks just perfect!


so we exchanged and tried again.DSC00016

well, bee’s gown was really good. it fits on me and the style is just what i wanted! (elegant style, it’s a Navy Ball for social custom sake, how can I dress like i’m on casual outing or go clubbing?)

but the skirt is just again wwwaaaaaaaayyyy too long for me even if i wear heels. and bee love it soooooooooooooo much. sister ma, tak kira la, she had it.

as i pass back the dress to the sales assistant/ fitting room assistant,

she asked: ok tak? i shook my head and said no.

she continued: of course la, your size so…..( knew)

(it’s my height la!!)

so i said i won’t let her be so glad with those words so we search again, bee took two more and i took another one which is almost similar to her first.

her pink silk(short and V cut on the chest) and black rayon tube both doesnt work, one was too loose and the other was too tight on the chest almost suffocating her XD

i tried my black slik tube with narrow skirt, it was perfect! coz i have a fuller figure now, so it sort of pump it up correctly and the skirt was just right to the length and not too wide for my size.


=D hehehehheheeeeeeeeeeee………..

the gowns was on 50% sale! which means RM300 cut til RM150, which is very worthwhile.

at just the right time the BBQ plaza called back for our table.Picture(13)Picture(12)Picture(11)

we waited until 3pm plus before we started eating. was nice for the fatty pork XD but too little, the fish also.

price is still reasonable but should have more pork XD

didnt take the grilling picture as we were busy bbq-ing and eating.

at the end(some of us going already, the gang still wanna watch movie), siew wan cried =( hmmmm…..

anyway, along the way back i bought a scarf thingy also to cover up =_=

and here’s my precious, lil black dress. Picture(34)

NOT the first la. ( i think i still need to get that first dress back…..hmmmm…..)


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