Sunday, 14 June 2009


My parents came, so i went to central to meet up with them straight after class..sarah’s as well =D not to forget Ju’s (as always =p) haha..

so we all ‘dispersed’ to our destinations very soon after class, to search for the bliss in stored for us =)

Initially we were to buy tickets back to Ipoh, but my parents decided to follow my second aunt’s car back to Ipoh on sunday.

So off we go to the hospital to visit my eldest aunt. well, shall not disclose much. hope she’ll get well soon =|

and then off we go to eat ‘lum mee’ in a specialty shop@ sri kembangan..Picture(9) so la…..nothing that surprises me although it looks so advanced and has been recommended by ‘ah xian’ on the TV.

and ate nangka and snacks at my other aunt’s house

continued by salt-roasted chicken, fish head curry as main dish for dinner at another aunt’s house, followed by more paus =_=’’’’’

my stomach looks like 3 month pregnant (choi!!touch wood!!) from the non-stop eating  =_=’’’’’

seriously, diet time. then i checked my mail and did a facebook quiz on blood type and diet type, and so weird the food they came out with =_=’’’’’ *sigh* i’ll just go back to my original diet..balanced but small portion at various time, high fibre and more veges- i’m still young so it works..haha..

but i guess as my body grew it changes and i might need to change my diet too. [mum: right, you’ve always said you’ve not wasted the knowledge you learn in biology =.=]

erm, as in basic sciences la..

talk about that, i’ve always feel reading at a young age is so so so so so crucial as i watched over my cousins. besides having better interest at learning new things, kids have better memories where what you’ve learn may reside in your brain for life and trigger your brain to work actively and independently from a young age. (not to forget the knowledge)

which is why, now there’s so much centres dedicated solely to reading and montessori.

ok shoot=.=have to stop these mummy’s talk (sorry, it’s in my blood)

anyway, morning starts off with breakfast, and COFFEE!

me: eeeek! it’s too bitter! (adding sugar to the coffee)

aunt: you want diebetes ah!

me: i only drink 3 in 1 la..

aunt: you drink 3 in 1 in my house you die ah!

mum: aiya, her money can only drink 3 in 1 la..

(note: my aunt sells advanced coffee making machine and exotic coffee beans, so..yea..=.=)IMG_0022

then, as I read sunday’s paper, i saw LOMO- a hobby where people actually go back to the origin and uses film cameras to snap away 24/7 whatever they want and the joy/excitement is anticipating the outcome of the photo (good/bad), but kinda expensive =s

hah, not bad but not for me.

by the way, DSLR is on my wish list, just told my mum bout it  *wink wink*

[chiao..fyp time]

IMG_0023 IMG_0031 IMG_0030 IMG_0032 IMG_0033 IMG_0034 IMG_0035  Picture(14)Picture(38)  Picture(40)

that’s my lil cousin sister, one moment she’s so grumpy, the next moment she’s dancing and taking photo herself..haha..and of course, out paus =D

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