Wednesday, 13 May 2009

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipoh!!!!!!! =D

now now…..why do i say so? i know im back in ipoh when:

-the weather is very very, i repeat, very cooling =D

-the tap water is icy coldand clear, i repeat, icy cold and clear =DD

-the chee cheong fun is superb, i repeat, superb. =DDDPicture(1)

-my bed room has air-conditioner, i repeat, air-conditioned =DDDD

-when im able to eclude from household chores during weekdays (ooookay, i wont tell you about this,enough)

it’s just, =DDDDD


actually, when i was preparing to take the train with him yesterday, my aunt asked whether we want to follow her back here,since she’s driving back here as well….hah! we’ve got a ride right to our door step (spell, h.o.m.e =D)

and we’ve just registered for the passing out ceremony last night =D again.


ok im sooooo sorry, excuse my hair XD dont we look alike?? =D

p/s: i forgot, my oven as well!! =D

and congratulations to *him*: the first PuYang Master for Msia server, and his new horse wear/gadget~~~

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