Tuesday, 5 May 2009

I Can Relate to Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

I didn’t know that until i broke up with him…and i guess this is the first time i wrote it up here…

it was not that devastating coz i only found out the truth of his playfulness much more later after we’ve split up…


i was sitting in his room watching the monitor of his computer, then only i know,he’s already on another girl even before we decided to broke…

and now, he’s happily going around with several others…

that just proves it , is that not?

want no strings around, but want to play around…


now,we’re still best friends-childhood best friends! can you imagine that?

note: we sort of grew up together.

and, like Jenny, i’m immune to his charm =p

oh yeah…yes…talk about how romantic he is @@

oh well,immune, immune…


true love? i guess it does exist…and that i’m in it now…?

yea…those trustworthy hands i’m holding?


it'll be fun to watch how he stands to true love =D

he is the bachelor, who does the break up with severak women using conference call ....0.o ahah...talk about that!

gosh, and one of the girls dated with him for only...what, 48secs? !!!!!

that'd be a plot! =D

gimme gimme!

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