Sunday, 24 May 2009


damn emo now… the period pain (yea, and whatever is in the package)…..

then every time in bed i start to think about future, death, and a lot of the problems coming, which most i still have not find a solution yet…..

urgh! and the water is ‘not enough’ at this hot weather without rain=_=’’’ (quoting the personel who answered my dad’s query)

u say emo or not?


aZFaDora said...

i'm actually in the same situation as yours..guess what..i was crying to sleep last night for all the sad things that hah happened to me in the past..hahah..when i wok eup this morning..i felt so embarrased by all the emotional sms that i sent to about PMS..

ViViEnNe said...

=D well,as long as we wake up from it, i guess its ok to moan or get emo once in a while =p LOL! i woke up =)and better restrained, from doing silly things..haha...(learnt from those motivational books =D)