Saturday, 4 April 2009

awesome video!

saw these videos from jonathan’s posts on facebook (ok, i now trust the power of facebook, never look down on it…hahaha…)

the voca people is simply captivating! makes me drool over it hahah….

but the girl, hmm….she has real talent, but wont be good getting ‘mature’ before age and adequate exposure to life and all….probably the work of ‘celeb dream mother’


and friday was the ‘food demo day’- we dressed ourselves up in traditional chinese tops and made ki chang and bak chang, while beow ru’s group made ang ku kuih, bubur char char and nyonya rojak (their group was nyonya themed)

p/s: yes ju, waiting for yours….and nini, you guys can copy from here also haha…

p/p/s: vivienne, get working!! go go!!

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