Saturday, 7 March 2009


erm, so i got my super old daihatsu charade few weeks ago, as well as my new lappy…Picture(87)

Picture(86)cousin and kj drove me+the car til here (ops..haha…thanks^^) but i know my car cant drive long distance…never mind,its just there for you when you really need it..

and to the depsrate-ness of fyp, mum approved of a new laptop… so sarah and megan accompanied me (thanks again!^^) coz others were not free and i wanted to get it done soon…

the ‘best’ part is when it goes all black when i was clicking bluetooth on monday (while i just bought it on the saturday before)


=_= how great…i had to go to HP tower at bukit damansara by myself as the customer (if i leave it to the shop it will takes two to three weeks, i definitely cant afford that!!) thanks kj again for fetching me and dar for caring for me, and anita and sarah and xxxxxxx……

ANYWAY, been there, took number, nice service BUT STILL, its my lappy that’s spoiled so soon after buying!! grrr!!!

they said get it the next day as it is afternoon already (if you go before 12 they can get it done by afternoon etc etc) so i went back on ktm

mana tau that fella called while im in ktm, and asked me to go get it by 4.30pm and its gonna rain at that time == i scared they impose storage charge so i go.

got there in my wet sneakers and 3/4 pants. got it straight after. waited for bus.

and the whole ‘cooling session’ by the bus aircond goes on til i reach…what else is better than getting aircond after you got wet in rain huh?



and went to kajang to taste the famous hot and spicy soup…made with different kinds of peppers and gingers plus pork…Picture(84)

oh my, it was so nice and fit for my cold body at that time,it taste good as well…

we also ordered the wine broiled pork and uber-spicy dried chilli pork (oh and this, if you’re not the type that can bare with dried chilli’s spiciness, do not, i repeat, DO NOT try it.)

it was fun and enjoyable having meals with your loved ones…ahhh….jokes, chats, making fun…Picture(80)Picture(83)Picture(81)Picture(82)

oh and here’s ah toh’s face after eating the hot and spicy soup: note the loads of tissue under his plate>>>>>Picture(85)

and tzehui a.k.a. ‘John’s’ special on our dine at KFC>>>>>she can insert a huge bite of Zinger into her mouth…oohoo…Picture(79)with jyne and kylie looking on~~~

next up is hong chuan’s pre-birthday celebration @ GreenBox:Picture(1)Picture(2)the guys…his bday present

i so-love their buffet!!^^

right…the papers are calling me…alright alright…coming…

p/s: 8th of March , WOMEN’S DAY…fight against violence and any form of disrespect >.<

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