Sunday, 15 March 2009

Vichy!!!!! I just <3 you!!!!!


I just love you!! reduce the price and give me free products!!

ok, i tell you what, just go for vichy.

really i mean it! (that sounds so cliche kakka...but i don't care!)

i was facial-ing my face before starting my work (having coffee break now with xxx, yo yo work it out work it out!) coz bee dar said my pores were getting so large like a 'yellow face aunty'....

so i did the egg white mask, pulling the impurities out. geezzz....horrible things line the strips, a whole load weh!

then cleansed the face using cleanser with microbeads plus scrub and tone it, as in cleaning it well and deep.

then took out the samples i TOOK,yeah TOOK, from PJ.
( you see lar, you see, im so bad, seldom go back to PJ but once i go back i steal samples from her.....didnt accompany her summore...sorry dar...muackss...sayang back hehehe...)


so anyway, the thing is i used vichy ANTI-IMPERFECTION HYDRATING CARE to further help my skin. break-outs and all...

i waited,i worked, then i went cooking, which normally leave my skin oily from the steams and oils. (ya la, hence the "yellow face aunty")

i touched mt face.
O.M.G!!!!! it did not feel oily AT ALL!! and my face is hydrated really well and breath well!!!!! soft and supple!!!!! no redness or break outs!!!!!

oooooooooooohhhhhhhhh s** i know how oily my own moisturiser pore-clogging and oily! i tought it was normal coz it's moisturiser!

but h*ll NO! it shouldn't be!!

O.M.G im gonna swear my heart for vichy!


p/s: yeah bee dar, gimme more samples =p by the way im trying to save for vichy! mmmmmmm....i so love you!!!!! vichy and bee dar! muacks!

the official website

i tell you, they are so good that they just don't give discounts, even if they are-its only a rare occasion and only discount for a small percentage...that's how proud and confident they are for their products! so i'm lucky to have my bee dar with samples kakakaka!!!!!!!!XD goodness me!

here's what i told evelyn about:

click for larger view


° MS ° said...

oh im persuaded to try this product !!! haha...
my fren recommended VIchy to me also, maybe I shd consider abt it :D

ViViEnNe said...

yes u shud!!hehehe...