Sunday, 29 March 2009

Earth Hour

yeap, that’s all the commotion was about recently…

and today, as we’re discussing in our Feature Writing class, there’re different opinions about this campaign…

some said that it was political gimmick, while in truth all were using the energy somehow or the other…

well, still, i think it would be a good point to start..although, as some said, like if we’ve been doing something, this shouldnt be such a big case…

i do switch off anything that is not in use and tries to conserve energy all the time (not like someone ==’’’) …okok…i know…enough of it…

er…anyway. i was thinking of what to do when the lights are off for that hour…i saw plenty of suggestions but…he’s not here to do what have been suggested ==’’’ talk about cliche huh…

so…all alone…hmm…asked what have my friends ‘plan to do’ for earth hour~~~~~

lady megan: switch off things but use battery for her laptop, uses fan coz cant stand the heat… =D

vivi to kaixuan: you joining anything for earth hour? (coz there was alot of programmes around klang valley, eg 1Utama ,etc etc.)

Kaixuan to vivi: dont know, maybe ------ ==’’’

agnes @ taiwan : didnt know about earth hour…it seems impossible for me to switch off everything…

yee lin: going to setapak wiith her bf (oh?)

kj: off lights, maybe PC, but not the fan…too hot…


soooo….i did….i mean, i went:

downstairs to sit at the sofa,

listen to emo songs that signify ‘us’,

discovered that we seems to have an attic ==’’’ ,

backed to my own room coz felt abit dangerous outside,

dried my clothes in the dark! (ok,wow, this if fun, i adjusted my eyes to see in the dark =p)

then hug and sniff my reddy… =p


ahhh….a wedding in May, then a graduation in July…hmmm….=)

now I’m gonna fix you, you stupid FYP, gotcha….

P/S: i’m the caffeine molecule~from FB quiz…==’’’

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