Sunday, 1 February 2009


I think my hometown-Bercham,is becoming the ‘ferry station’, to ferry people to KLIA& LCCT, S’pore, KL etc etc…hahahha…

the street is filled with shop lots of travel angencies, and i just met Elizabeth, who was taking the YOYO bus back to LCCT-Sabah to UMS,

and JiaWen is going there to go to China also….mind you, they are not staying THAT near to Bercham but they came for the bus. woohoo!

the next thing is I Think the other street is becoming the spectacle street too, filled with loads and loads of ‘eye-shop’..haha…

and I Think, some people, are so kind, that they let the seat to me in the bus although i don’t know her^^ -terima kasih dan semoga anda sihat dan bahagia^^

and I Think, some people, are so shame-less, filthy, bitchy, idiotic,whatever bad, that they …well…do bad,horrible and terrible things….

and that, i curse you!!!!!


finished my thoughts.TQ.

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