Sunday, 5 October 2008

the day....

rene rene came to my house for FYP and after all the laughing and chit-chatting, we've finally decided our topic and drafted the proposal...hehe^^

somehow this forced us to get it done....

Quote IreneC: we should have more group study/meeting!


[pssst!!! rene rene actually got distracted by chibimaruko chan on the tv! i should have captured it and make it as proof!!=p]

argh....i dont have the camera anymore sooo.........well....this blog will get dry and boring...until i find another way?

p/s: i've decided,i don't,and i shouldn't hate you (in the name of whatever good practice), but i still don't like you. >.< you pretender!fake-y!dark evil witch! (right,i shouldn't do that too.) stop it!!!

p/p/s: going back on 10th, and hope my prayer will be answered, everything will go well...

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