Thursday, 18 September 2008

hey!! please take note!! (well......if you don't know it YET....)

okay, so here's the news:

so those of you (especially fellow UTARians who're having the break)who're taking buses home this period basically have to know these and keep it in mind:

south bound buses- the bus terminal near Bukit Jalil Stadium
north bound buses- pudu terminal or duta (as usual?)
and east buses- pekeliling and putra(dont know where)

IreneC: high 5! yeah! we'll still be boarding at pudu^^v [well,until further notice as the Plusliner operator pointed out]

and the other thing is......from NINI specially:

how to go to Bukit Jalil Stadium, then?

so here it is: fine a way to get to STARLINE LRT (which is also the so-called Ampang-Sri Petaling line), and take the train towards Sri Petaling Station, before Sri Petaling, it is the Bukit Jalil Station which i personally think is quite near.

there is a bus RapidKL T418 going to Bandar Bukit Jalil through Technology Park from the Bukit Jalil LRT Station but it is advisable to not take the bus if you're not familiar, and might as well take a cab as the last resort if you haven't seen any similar people with luggage who're also going for the temporary bus terminal.

STILL: there're RapidKL buses specially dispensed at this period to shuttle you to the terminal just outside the main entrance of Puduraya, with RM3 one way,every 15 minutes as quoted.

here's the map and route:

the next thing is Duta:

the RapidKL operator said no bus to duta [note:quoted okay? dont blame me if it is not accurate]
but IreneC said there will be shuttle bus to Duta soon at the same place.

or you can take RapidKL U83 from KL Central to Kompleks Kerajaan Jalan Duta (which you will also see the Kompleks Mahkamah). it will be quite near then but still: last resort: take a cab.

map and route:

so please be VERY early (quoting IreneC: an hour like that lor...) and prepare more money if you are really taking a cab.


Disclaimer: the information above might be mistaken or inaccurate, so please do check again with other related parties.

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