Wednesday, 27 August 2008

when we need porridge...or congee...

*he* was suffering due to the painful mouth and dry lips...i suspect some sort of inflamation and wants to put some 'oral aid' to sooth it.

then, since *he* has no appetite for food, i cooked porridge. (or congee, in malaysian context,the rice one,not the oat one)

so basically, it is one cup of rice with 10 cups of water in the rice cooker.
switch it on and leave it to boil.
after boiling, leave it in 'warm' mode for some time. (as in..30 minutes to one hour?)
then, boil it up again and stir it until the desired texture is achieved.

now,you can put in some salt for taste.
i like to add in chiken stock for more flavour.
of course, since i'm not sick,i love to add minced meat and alot of ground pepper as well as oriental soy sauce in it.


oh and last but not least, my other favourite with porridge...

the 'fu yu', which is the fermented toufu in salty spicy sauce.

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