Thursday, 12 June 2008

UTAR TALENT NIGHT MAY 2008[snow themed]-the approximately 3 days journey~

too long a story,so i shall just let the pictures 'tell' it...(details?come and ask me personally la..haha..)

imagine taking the uni's bus in the late night..haha..what a feel...also,with the DSA officers at the front seats(including the head,Ms Sum)

i made the decision to 'fly' to SL after the show 'coz Evelyn [hugzzzz...xoxo^^] &team was visiting and i'd have transport,not to forget that *he* miss me so muchie...

so our bus made a round to Setapak then to SL. hehe^^

OH! here's the video clip on the warned!!it's from my narrow side angle..(i have to hide aside =_='')..haha...just to let you guys to have a look...[catch the 'exploding' part+cat walk!not perfect but..well...]


king said...

omg! u put my pic over there... damn im embarass... i dont like my last pic -.-"

ViViEnNe said...