Tuesday, 6 May 2008

psst!!!(the so-called)Breaking Info!!!

look..this iTune is so cool....

right,the thing is, my HP can only play songs of certain format. eg. MP3. so,even i have my fav song, i still cant put it in my phone if it's not in the suitable format, and i will go without musics in journey.

SO, all these made me,a.k.a the tech-blind found iTune (yeah, Apple).

it can help you convert the songs' format to AAC/MP3, i think, initially for iPod and things but now i use it for my phone.

NO, i'm NOT having iPhone larrrr!! yor...it's the old SE K700i =_='''

and the prog also comes with PartyShuffle , which is really cool when you're in party and you don't even need to make playlist of you're songs.

BY THE WAY, xiaxue made this SUPER-CONTROVERSIAL iPhone review in www.clicknetwork.tv ,she talked more on it in her blog www.xiaxue.blogspot.com . just shut your brain and enjoy your laugh. =D

time for me to clean up and pack up to go home!!!^^v ta!

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