Thursday, 3 April 2008

JENG JENG JENGGG!!!!!power puff bear attack!!!


TADA!!!!! MY SUCCESS IN 1ST TIME THAI STYLE STEAMED FISH!!!! (oh i don't care about that news thingy now...i just wanna share the TASTE!!!ahahahhaah!!!)

awwww!!!!yum yum!!!!!hahaha!!!!!imagine, enjoying it while watching movies...ahhh!!!!hehehe....

oh wait!!!you want the recipes? here it is,you won't believe how i did it...:
(specifically what i did today)

1. cleaned the Bawal Putih Kecil(including getting out all the blacky things and all,rub out all the remains...=_=''')
rub a LITTLE salt on it,wait for 1 min then rinse.
2. place spring onion stalks on your steamer thingy and place the fish on it.
3.mix the sauce: tomato sauce,chilli sauce,chic stock granule a lil,salt a pinch,sugar 1 teaspoon,sauteed red onion and the oil.
4.pour the sauce to the steamer thingy+fish ,place the ginger slices(long and thin) on top.
5.ready your rice and adequate water.put the steamer in too(so make sure it is small enough,or use an electric steamer that is big enough.)
it will be cooked together with the rice when the button jumps!!!^^

don't get jealous ya,son and mom(grandma), and kah joon...i will cook it for you guys soon enough!!eheheheheh......


king said...

afcourse IM JEALOUS!!!!

kaiwanxiao! super jeolousleh!

bt make sure u cook it for us o!!


ViViEnNe said...

ok!book appointment 1st...ekekekeke...*kembang*...ahahaha...