Monday, 24 March 2008

wakakaka!!!i've adopted a wug!!!!! well,IF you know what a wug is......a what a wug test is...wohohohoho...

well, it's actually a psycholinguistics thing, about the inateness of grammar.

eg. this is A WUG. (well...assuming ,you know this

there are TWO now.

so there are...? two wugS.


initially i saw it in jeannie's msn display (well,she cut and pasted it i guess...)

so then i went on and drew,wanna adopt a cute one for myelf...

and the WOW begins. yup, 'war of wugs'.

she said the 1st one was weird because it has a sharp defence system. =_='''

so i modified it til wug 3.

and im done!!!!



im going off to play with my wug!!^^v

1 comment:

KahJoon said...

the wug that we main is the Fluffy wug..lagi syok..haha