Saturday, 1 March 2008 another post after i rested enough...

it was such embarrased today that i nearly fainted due to low blood pressure(well,since lots of you will some how ask, HA.)

we were going to 14 to eat and acccompany megan to buy camera , and sutheng fetched us 'coz she worked part time there before and have some sort of recommendation for techy thing.

then,when i walked after i got out of the car, i hold irene's shoulder, and she thought i was joking or so.

then only she realised how different i was, i was 'white and green' as they described later to me.

jeannie and 'don't-know-who' helped me to a nearest kopitiam and seated me at the hawker's place.

oh yeah,imagine how many people can sit there huh?

then,i rested with my head down. people were looking at me with such curious eyes.


deb got me chocolates and hot milo (well,i wanted to give her back the money but she refuse however so,grrr...)

they rubbed some medicated oil on me.

i was better and when i raised my head(finally), they found i was cold sweating. =_='''

they even called amy to come out ,see whether i can go into her place and rest first.


then they decided to eat exactly at that place.

with the hakka mee(YUM) irene recommended.


it was such cold in the test room,and me wearing a mini due to the rain(i need to walk to class,hence its beneficial in that way,you can instantly wipe the wetness off)
the blood all flows to the legs.

hence, in cold, my heart also and it doesnt supply much to the brain?

but the effect come much later...

i was thinking, luckily i didnt go back straight alone then after test,i could have really faint on the side of the road and got raped and robbed and.........


i had the girls with me then...phew...lucky!!

anyway, the happy thing is, i tastes a bowl of nice hakka mee, saw cute doggies, and admired at the latest techy thing in the mall.



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