Wednesday, 12 March 2008

~meeting BaBy^^~

it was such a joy that jiajia(bee's niece) has came up to here from batu bahat, hehe...

i last seen her last May,when i visited batu pahat to bee's hometown(and that she visited mine too)

so i purposely went to MidValley after replacement class(oh yesssss!!!replacement on my supposingly holidayyyyyy!!!) just to meet her.

when i reach KFC to meet her, she IGNORED me...she eventually did not recognise me anymore...

although, she did call me 'jie jie' and recognise me as her 'xiao gu's'(youngest aunt) friend again.

owwwww!!!how saddddd!!!

i'm posing for a professional photoshoot lar...

(she's very mature, indeed..)

there, she finished her crumstick with tomato sauce for the first time ever...haha..and finished her whipped potato...

jia jia: zhe shi tomaeto, jia jia yao tomaeto (this is tomato, jia jia wants tomato-intentionally pulling the pronunciation of tomato=_='')

jia jia: shu ni! (whipped potato)

as if that's not bad enough, she REFUSED to take picture with me..=_='''

the only picture is actually done by much persuading and 'cheating' sadd!!

then, we took her to MPH and she fully expressed her 'speech' skill there...

i'll tell you, she's one tough girl, and she speaks wayyyy better than you can imagine for a...2 or 3 year-old?i forgot BUT, she's indeed very talkative, and in a precise way like adult!

around 3pm, i had to go,due to the rain that seems to start to fall routinely in the afternoon=_='''

so, her 'xiao gu' brought her to change her nappie.

(psst!! jia jia actually pooed and only agree to let 'xiao gu' change nappie after a soft talk by the ear=_=''' 'coz she feels shameful lar...haha...)

that is,after she just flipped through few pages of the book, she said: aunty, this book is not nice, i'll go and find another one...(and you know it means you'll have to take care of the books that's coming one by one after that...haha..)

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