Friday, 8 February 2008

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what i heard from my friend who just came back from China was saddening,disappointing, and shocking.

SOME of the local students (local,i.e from china- chinese students in university) called them( Malaysian chinese students from Malaysia) as 'ma lai ren' or 'ma lai mei'(Malay, or Malay girl)......etc...

i'm NOT being racist but this is not the fact! and so untrue!!

talk about linguistics...YOU KNOW what those words means, and YOU uttered it out while YOU'RE HAVING INADEQUATE KNOWLEDGE about it ...

for goodness sake, we're chinese in terms of blood,i.e. genetically in general, means we descended from the same ancestry.

we're living in Malaysia holding a Malaysian identification card because WE LIVE HERE and we celebrate our MERDEKA . =WE'RE MALAYSIANS.

but we're not Malays,nor Indians. Although we're bangsa Malaysia.

because we celebrates chinese new year and lots of other chinese cultural events/occasions.

THIS ,is the fact.

*i hope my fren won't utter something stupid and idiotic out of furious......

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