Friday, 22 February 2008


Sitting in the train, a hand was under the chin rest against the wide shiny transparent window. Watching the scenery of the same route she had …almost everyday…if not everyday…maybe few times a week…and how many days were there in a week?

Thinking back, she actually still loves these trips, no matter how tired is she, no matter had she not frown because of some menacing passengers…

Because what matters is the destination, where it could be to her beloved, to a happy day of outing, to a touching reunion…

Travelling in the early train in the morning, she found the warm recognition from the group of people who are also doing the same travel she does-rushing for work or school.

‘You actually can know a lot from their conversation you know?’ ,she told him one day.

Travelling in the peak train in the evening, she found the warm recognition too! They are all rushing HOME to their love ones….just like her.

‘Oh! How assuring and comfortable it is to be in his arm…’, she thought…

When she’s in the mood, the moments in the train are her best calming time thinking about everything while she rest against the window watching the familiar scenery.

She sighed once.

She found it harder and harder to leave him now. He’s the same too, she guessed. She can feel it so strong.

That’s where the train leads to! To his warm arms waiting for her!

Tears stroll down her cheek from the corners of her eyes.

Her heart feels bloated with vinegar.

It is a sweet, touching, heart-warming yet saddening feeling.

She doesn’t care the one-second-long-weird gaze from the woman in the opposite seat. She wiped it off.

She says to herself: she’s going to focus on the jobs on her hands, occupy herself. She has to control herself, it was too much for a week.

Well, she can also think of the trip this Sunday-the same trip to the warm hugs and love.

‘ Should I get him straight from the bus station or wait through shopping near his place and board on the same bus when he notifies me? M mall or JB shopping centre?.............’

Smile slowly curves up on her face…

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